The Commonwealth of Kentucky, Department of Fish and Wildlife, entered into an agreement to purchase a 750-acre tract of land in Elliott County, Kentucky locally known as the Mabry Tract. The pristine property was linear in shape, generally following the top of a cliff line contour and encompassing a deep gorge watershed. Vaughn & Melton was selected to perform the boundary survey and marking of the proposed acquisition. To allow the transaction to be completed in the same calendar year, Vaughn & Melton was asked to complete the project in just over 3 months. The very attributes of the property that made the tract attractive to the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife made it a challenging project for Vaughn & Melton.

The terrain was cliffy, rugged, and completely forested with mountain laurel and old growth hemlock stands. Although only 800 acres in area, the boundary perimeter was roughly 20 miles in length. Because of the compressed schedule and numerous adjoining landowners, it was critical that any disputed boundaries be identified early and resolved quickly. Through early planning meetings between our team and the owner, an execution plan was developed which allowed a GPS control network to be established concurrently with the notification and interviewing of all adjacent landowners with document research. During the height of the project, three crews were simultaneously running boundary. Field data was electronically transmitted back to the office and evaluated; which allowed the delivery of the final plat on schedule. The entire boundary was painted, signed, and monumented with standard Fish & Wildlife aluminum disk monuments at all corners. The final data was electronically transmitted in both CADD and GIS format.

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