Three existing parking lots were added, requiring expertise in multiple engineering disciplines. We provided surveying, roadway design, layout and design, storm drainage, erosion control, storm water retention, pavement design as well as permit management. Careful environmental considerations were given to tree protection and the addition of green areas. 

Maximizing parking versus providing natural green areas was a careful balancing act. Also, incorporating a courtyard area at the stadium complex was also critical. Our experts carefully delivered design while rehabilitation occurred. We coordinated parking lot design layout with the courtyard consultant so the courtyard project could be seamlessly constructed.

Existing storm drainage needed replacement because we determined it was inadequate to the task. This required utilities coordination for water, gas, fiber optic, duct banks and telephone lines were present, requiring

our expert subsurface utilities engineering (SUE) created a database of existing utilities during the design process, avoiding costly revisions during construction.


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