CLIENT: Pine Mountain Regional Industrial Development Authority

Vaughn & Melton was chosen by the Pine Mountain Regional Industrial Development Authority to provide the design and final plans for an access road and new bridge over the Cumberland River and CSX Railroad in Varilla (Bell County), Kentucky.  The new bridge and road now provides easy access to a new industrial park from US 119.

The selected alternate included a 724-foot long bridge which has several features that place it in the category of a major structure.  The height of the bridge alone is remarkable. The two main piers stand at 130 feet and 127 feet.  A tapering, hollow core section was the design for the hammerhead piers, with foundation on massive spread footings on shallow rock.  Another feature is the length of spans.  Spans 2 through 4 are continuous welded steel plate girder spans with 8’-6” deep webs and a maximum span length of 240 feet.  Span 1 is a trapezoidal, flared girder span using precast prestressed concrete girders (Type IV).  This is to accommodate the turning radius at each corner of the intersection with US 119.

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