CLIENT: City of Kingston Greenways

Vaughn & Melton was contracted by the City of Kingston to provide design and construction management services for approximately two miles of a rural greenway system located within the city’s Ladd Landing development.  The purpose of the project is to provide scenic multimodal alternative transportation routes from three separate ties at Ladd Landing Boulevard to parks within the Ladd Landing development area or to other area transportation facilities. All three greenways will be 10’ wide asphalt paved facilities with 2’ graded shoulders.  These routes will provide access to parks, recreation, retail opportunities within Ladd Landing and offer an enhancement to the quality of life for the residents of Kingston.

The following is a description of the proposed greenway routes:

  • Greenway A will be approximately 6,820’ long and will follow the graded roadbed of High Tower Street to the north property lines of tracts fronting Oak Terrace Cove, the south right-of-way of Ladd Landing Boulevard and Waterford Place, thence crossing Regent Street to a proposed park with public parking in the center of Richmond Row.

  • Greenway B will be approximately 820’ long and provide a grade separated link between Greenway A and westbound Ladd Landing Boulevard.

  • Greenway C will be approximately 2,240’ long and will provide an alternative transportation link between Ladd Landing Boulevard (west of the Northbridge Close cul-de-sac) and North Kentucky Street (U.S. 70) adjacent to Fleet Street. It will pass under the U.S. 70 Bridge over the Clinch River (Watts Bar Reservoir) at an elevation above the regulatory flood water surface elevation.

  • This project was funded through TEA-21 enhancement grants.  V&M provided project management services in accordance with the TDOT’s Office of Local Programs Local Government Guidelines.

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