CLIENT: City of Somerset, Kentucky

The City of Somerset retained Vaughn & Melton to perform design services and administer the construction contract for a complete streetscape enhancement for College Street in the downtown section of the city.  The project required close coordination of local officials and the utility owners to achieve the desired results. Many times the interests of each party conflicted with one another.  Our challenge was to provide solutions that would work for everyone involved.  Our design satisfied both the utility owners (Kentucky Utilities, All-tel, and Charter) and the City of Somerset.

The project remedied many of the problems being experienced in the city by: regaining pedestrian routes through the removal and relocation of utility poles; removing utility poles from the travel portion of the streets; lessening the loss of power and vital communication links that resulted from traffic mishaps and storms; restoration of the aesthetics of the community; updating poorly planned and constructed traffic corridors that posed hazards to both pedestrians and motorists;  and providing “traffic calming” devices and measures to reduce average speeds and provide insulation and comfort for pedestrians.

Another challenge on this project was tracking changes.  The project comprised of eight separate phases and consisted of approximately 14 streets in the downtown section of the city. The plans consisted of four separate sections:  roadway, electrical, water, and landscaping.  Changes in one section had to be addressed in the other three to resolve any conflicts that arose.  Teamwork among all disciplines involved was crucial to achieve this.

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