From the CEO

Welcome to the Vaughn & Melton Consulting Engineers, Inc. website.  Whether you are searching for a competent Professional Civil Engineering partner for your project, a quality employer for furthering your career, or just need engineering information and expertise, I trust you will find exactly what you need here.

Since 1967, Vaughn & Melton has been the “go to” source for our clients in the Southern Appalachian Mountain Region of the United States.  We provide a large array of Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering Related, and Surveying Services, which begin in the planning phase and advance through construction to project completion and implementation.  As you explore this website, you will become increasingly aware of the diversity of both our service offerings as well as our geographic reach.


Vaughn & Melton provides for our employees’ needs so that our employees can spend their time on our clients' needs.  As a 100% employee-owned company, Vaughn & Melton not only provides greater opportunity for our employees to grow professionally, and to develop ever-increasing expertise in their careers, but also provides an employee benefits package that is unique in its breadth and depth within the industry.


Our licensed professionals and certified technicians offer a level of knowledge and expertise second to none in the many disciplines where we hold these credentials.


As you continue to peruse our site, I encourage you to do what many others have done over the last half-century; give us a try, regardless of your needs.  You will not be disappointed and you will begin a life-long relationship.

Randy Scott, CEO - Vaughn & Melton

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