Civil Design

Vaughn & Melton has an extensive portfolio of civil design projects created for the specific purpose of keeping the flow of commerce and community moving forward. Our portfolio includes: residential design, commercial design, government services facility design, multi-use master planned developments, cemeteries, higher education facilities, department of transportation rest areas, historic sites, resorts, public housing and parking lots. Our team of experts are fully supported by our in-house surveyors, subsurface utility engineering (SUE) specialists,...

Construction Engineering & Inspection

Vaughn & Melton has been performing Construction Engineering & Inspection Services (CEI) since 1970 on the Bowling Green to Owensboro Parkway project in Kentucky.Since that time, for over forty years, we have been providing CEI on transportation projects throughout the Southeast, including 25 miles of AA Highway in Kentucky, the $250 million Cumberland Gap Tunnel in Kentucky and Tennessee, and a 10-mile section of 1-26 in North Carolina.. We have a wealth of talented personnel with qualifications unique to the CEI and construction staking services.

Right-Of-Way Acquistion

Vaughn & Melton added right-of-way (ROW) acquistion in 1997 resulting in a complete turn-key engineering service product for our clients from surveys to design, to right-of-way acquistion, to construction administration and inspection.


The goal of our ROW team is to provide an exemplary service resulting with win-win solutions for all stakeholders involved. Some of the solutions we provide include clients within local govenment agencies, utility companies, airports, and transportation departments.


Vaughn & Melton has been providing full service surveying and mapping services throughout the Southeast since 1967. We understand our clients need complete and accurate base map survey sets to set the stage for accurate design on their projects. Our Surveying and Mapping team has a proven track record of performance and mobility, with strengths in the following areas: ability to meet schedules, thorough research and boundary surveys, staff stability, up-to-date training with the latest technology, equipment and methodology and long-term on-call contract commitments.

Subsurface Utility Engineering

Vaughn & Melton's Sub-Surface Utility Engineering (SUE) capabilities are available for the entire variety of engineering and construction projects. Our SUE service offers everything our clients need, which provide accurate designation and location of utilities utilizing conventional utility designators, Ground Penetrating Radar, vacuum excavators, and conventional and CPS survey equipment.


For the designer, the benefit of utilizing SUE information is the distinct advantage of having acccurate locations and depths of exisitng utilities in critical areas affected during design and construction...


Transportation & Structures

Vaughn & Melton has an extensive portfolio of successfully designed and constructed interstate, highway and interchange projects throughout the Southeast, especially for state transportation departments.


These projects range from widening two-lane rural roadways, to round-abouts, to multi-lane urban freeways - each in a unique environment from mountains to coast.


Our team is comprised of experts  in highway design including roadway and intersection/interchange geometrics, drainage, ...

Water Resources

Vaughn & Melton's water and wastewater system experience spans more than 35 years. We have completed numerous projects for utility districts encompassing planning, design, right-of-way services, construction administration and construction engineering inspection services in accordance with state and federal guidelines. Our water projects have ranged from improvements to existing water treatment and distribution systems to developing new water sources storage facilities, and treatment plants.

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