CLIENT: CSX Transportation

In 2009, V&M was contracted by CSX Transportation to design and detail a replacement span for a damaged component of the bridge over the Chattahoochee River.  This major structure is just north of the main Atlanta Terminal and sees heavy traffic.  Given this high volume and the nature of the damage (crushed timber beam from an overload situation), we were asked to produce this design on an accelerated schedule. 

Our work began with on-site location & survey work.  One of our capable rail-safety-trained survey crews worked high atop the 100-foot tall concrete pier, measuring existing beam, bearing and pier details.  They also surveyed top of rail elevations and alignment, enabling our design team to work within the existing parameters.

The design – also with the intention of fast construction – utilized four steel I-beams with channel bracing and timber ballast deck.  The replacement span, though relatively short, was designed with structural steel to enhance the strength, as well as to work within the vertical space provided.  The span reached across from the concrete pier to an adjacent timber trestle.

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