CLIENT: City of Greenville, SC

In 2009, V&M was selected by the City of Greenville and Duke Energy to provide surveying, SUE, utility coordination and construction plans and specifications services for a pilot project to bury all the overhead utilities in a 12-way duct bank to be operated by Duke Energy.


This project was the FIRST OF ITS KIND IN THE STATE.  Duke Energy proposed this Pilot Program plan to the City to bury lines in areas particularly vulnerable to outages as a remedy to alleviate the damage wreaked on power lines by strong winds or ice storms. Greenville was the City they approached in South Carolina with this pilot idea because it was one of the hardest hit cities in the State by power outages following recent massive ice storms.

The two corridors chosen for these projects were 6,200 linear feet of Haywood Road and 5,700 linear feet of Augusta Street. To date, a 1/2 mile section of Haywood Road has been constructed from I-385 to south of Wood Crossing Road. This section involved undergrounding a major single-pole electric transmission line with electric distribution and multiple telecom utilities attached as well.

The first step in this project was  for V&M to produce quality mapping of the existing underground utilities through the use of V&M’s SUE services including GPR and select vacuum excavated test holes of the existing underground utilities. Then extensive utility coordination with Duke Energy, AT&T, Charter Communications, SCDOT, Piedmont Natural Gas and the City of Greenville was required to minimize impacts to the existing underground utilities and to ensure that the overhead utilities could be buried without interruption of service to the customers along this corridor. The surveying, SUE, utility coordination and final plan preparation was completed in under seven months.

In 2012 this project was awarded an Engineering Excellence Award by the South Carolina ACEC.

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