CLIENT: Tennessee Valley Authority/URS

Vaughn & Melton was selected to provide civil survey serivces for TVA's Gallatin Fossil Plant Clean Air Scrubber System. The 1.5 billion dollar project, when completely online in 2017, is expected to reduce SOx emissions by 95% and NOx emissions by 85% to 93%. 


This project is in support of recent environmental agreements, in which TVA is installing selective catalytic reduction systems to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions and scrubbers to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions on all four Gallatin units by Dec. 31, 2017. The project is on schedule, with the first of four units already on and working.

New project update video of The Gallatin Fossil Plant scrubber project.

Gallatin: Facts & Figures   SOURCE: TVA: GALLATIN FOSSIL PLANT

Gallatin Fossil Plant has four coal-fired generating units with a summer net capability of 976 megawatts. Net capability is a measure of how much power a plant can generate for a specified time period, minus the power used by the plant itself.

  • Gallatin’s eight combustion turbines have a summer net capability of 600 megawatts.

  • Construction at Gallatin began in 1953 and was completed in 1959.

  • The plant consumes about 12,350 tons of coal a day.


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