CLIENT: Town of Gate City, Virginia

Vaughn & Melton was selected by the Town of Gate City, Virginia, to perform general engineering services. The nature of work includes engineering support for the development of various public infrastructure projects including public utilities (water, sanitary sewer and stormwater), transportation/traffic, parks/recreation, and environmental.


Utility projects


Gate City Water Treatment Plant

Clearwell Upgrade

This project included remedial activities to eliminate the potential for cross connection between the WTP’s clearwell and drainage system. The project was constructed in Spring 2011.


Gate City Water System Master Improvements Plan Phase 1

This project included development of a detailed “all-pipes” hydraulic model of the Town’s water distribution system.  Each water meter in the system was modeled based on actual billing data. The model will be maintained as a “living” resource for evaluating hydraulic efficiencies and water quality improvements in the Town’s distribution system.


Gate City Regional Water Main Improvements Phases 1 & 2

This project includes installation of 3,725-LF of 12″, 6″, and 4″ water line on downtown streets and VDOT Right-of-Way.  The 12″ waterline was replaced from the Town’s high service pumps to US-421.


Gate City Water System Improvements

Phase 3

The Moccasin Hills community was served by a hydropnuematic pressure station with no water storage (i.e., pressurized system).  In the event of a power failure, the residents were left without water service. The goal of the project was providing the residents with a reliable, gravity-fed water supply. This project includes installing approximately 1,885-LF of 6″ waterline, replacing an existing water booster station, and constructing an 88,000-gal water storage tank.

Gate City Water System Hydraulic & Energy

Efficiency Enhancements

The objective of this project was improving the efficiency of the water treatment plant and water meter reading system. The Project scope includes installation of an automatic meter reading (AMR) system, a sludge removal system (in the sedimentation basin), gravity filter media, a filter control system, a polyaluminum chloride bulk storage system, laboratory improvements, and replacement of the WTP HVAC system.

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