CLIENT: City of Knoxville, Tennessee

In 1919, the street-level of portions of the 100 block of Gay Street were raised one story. Structural sidewalks were constructed to accommodate pedestrian traffic on the new street-level. Ramps were constructed on Jackson Avenue, and a viaduct structure was built to provide a grade separation between Gay Street and the neighboring rail yard. Following Tennessee Department of Transportation’s (TDOT) replacement of the viaduct, Vaughn & Melton was selected by the City of Knoxville to provide conceptual design alternatives for streetscapes in the 100 and 200 blocks of Gay Street and for replacement of the aging structural sidewalks and beams in the 100 block.

After consideration of public input, a preferred alternative was chosen and Vaughn & Melton was contracted to provide construction plans for the streetscapes project. The design includes the narrowing of the street and widening of the sidewalks, new street lighting, tree plantings and street furniture to make for a more pedestrian friendly environment.  Surveying services included topographic, planimetric and boundary survey consisting of mapping existing underground walkways, structures and utilities for the design of new structural sidewalks on the 100 block of Gay Street.

A major consideration of the project was the coordination and relocation of existing utilities.  Knoxville Utilities Board (KUB) contracted directly with V&M to provide design services and construction plans for the relocation and upgrade of the water, sewer and electrical vaults and conduits.  The estimated construction cost of the streetscapes project is $4.5 million including utility relocations.


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