CLIENT: Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

As part of our Statewide Pavement Rehabilitation contract, Vaughn & Melton was asked to perform a rehabilitation design on a 4.5 mile section of Interstate 64 between the weigh stations east of Shelbyville to the Waddy interchange at KY 395. It was soon discovered that a much larger scope of services was needed on this section of interstate. The mainline bridges over the Norfolk-Southern Railroad and Jeptha

Creek had the narrowed shoulders commonly used on older interstates.  Additionally, both sets of bridges had obsolete barrier walls and serious structural deterioration.  Damaged concrete had exposed reinforcing steel, especially on pier caps and beam ends. Some of the overpass bridges have insufficient vertical clearance to allow for an overlay of the existing concrete pavement. 

Considering the condition of the existing bridges and the long range goal to six-lane I-64, the project team decided to replace the structures with new ones that would accommodate the eventual six-lane design, rehabilitate the existing roadway and replace an existing wagon box with a single span bridge.  This solution overcame both the short term problems and fulfilled the long-range goals of the Transportation Cabinet.  The project began in late 2003, but was delayed due to funding pressures until 2005.  In all, Vaughn & Melton designed six mainline bridges and two overpass bridges for this project.

At the KY 395 overpass, increased truck traffic at the interchange required a two-way left turn lane to be added to the overpass bridge.  This turn lane and wider shoulders on KY 395 would allow better traffic flow at the Waddy interchange. To maintain two lanes of traffic at all times, this bridge was broken into three phases of construction.


In fall 2006, the design team decided to widen Interstate 64 to six lanes

throughout the project.  Rehabilitating the existing pavement without widening required a complex maintenance of traffic scheme and night-time construction.  In the interest of traffic safety and construction quality and time, the extra lanes were added throughout the project to allow daytime construction and maintenance of two lanes of traffic in each direction at all times.  Also added to the project was the rehabilitation of the ramps at KY 395.  Our design lengthened the speed-change lanes and enhanced the merging areas.

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