CLIENT: City of Kingston, Tennessee

In 2000, the City’s existing 1 MGD plant was cited with numerous permit violations, including sanitary sewer overflow (SSO).  Based on Vaughn & Melton’s recommendations and under our direction, the City of Kingston performed a number of substantial improvements to the treatment plant and collection system, including a belt filter press system and a shaftless spiral screen grit collection continuous bagging system.

The belt filter press system designed was a 7-foot by 18-foot skid-mounted unit including: wash water pumps, sludge pumps, an emulsion polymer feed system, and a screw conveyer.  After extensive discussion with the staff, Vaughn & Melton also established design criteria for a centrifuge dewatering system, which was selected as the low bid. The grit collection system selected was manufactured by Headworks, Inc. of Houston, Texas.

Wastewater Collection System

The collection system expansion and rehabilitation consisted of approximately 21,012 LF of new gravity sewer lines, approximately 30,235 LF of new force main, as well as over 30,000 LF of rehabilitated gravity sewer line and five lift stations in the Gallaher, Hwy. 70 and Lawnville areas. Vaughn & Melton performed and directed flow monitoring, televising, and smoke testing, cleaning of sewer lines, manhole rehabilitation, sewer line rehabilitation and spot repairs.


Other Projects

Over the last several years, Vaughn & Melton has completed numerous jobs for the City of Kingston including: Ridgecrest Water Tank, Lawnville Road Sewer Lines as well as the previously mentioned projects. All projects have been completed with a total project construction cost of $2.7 million.

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