CLIENT: Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

Vaughn & Melton was selected by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet to provide technical field assistance with monitoring and inspection of contracted highway work to oversee compliance with all contract provisions in Districts 7, 8, 10, 11, and 12.  Vaughn & Melton provides technicians to Kentucky Transportation Cabinet resident engineer’s crews on an on-demand basis.  These technicians provide construction inspecting, field staking, and measurements, and office work under the direct supervision of the resident engineer.  Our technicians have worked on grade and drain, structures, asphalt, utility relocation, staking, and office support.

Our technicians are ACI Level 1 certified at field concrete testing and have certificates for Asphalt Field Technician, Aggregate Sampling Technician, Grade Technician Level I, Structural Inspection Level 1 and Pavement Marking.  Our technicians have more than 275 years of combined experience at construction inspection.  We perform training during the winter to enhance our abilities.  Our technicians are led in the field by Arthur Smallwood.  Mr. Smallwood is a retired resident engineer with 37 years experience in highway construction.  He oversees the duties, placement, and performance of our technicians.  This oversight system sees that the Department gets the performance and attitude expected from our technicians, and that our inspectors have the training and equipment needed to do their jobs.  We provide everything our inspectors need to perform their work proficiently and professionally.


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