PROJECT: Lick Creek WWTP Expansion - Greene County, TN

CLIENT: Town of Mosheim, TN

Vaughn & Melton provided assistance with funding, surveying, design, construction administration and inspection services for the Wastewater Treatment Plant expansion (1 MGD) for the Town of Mosheim.  This plant expansion included addition of  two mechanical fine drum screens, upgrades to the two existing primary clarifiers, new aerated surge basin, new variable speed biotowers pumps, new biotower with plastic crossflow media, short detention activated sludge basins (for advanced biological treatment), addition of a new secondary clarifier, new chlorine contact basin and new chlorination/ dechlorination equipment, new dual tertiary sand filters, three acrobically digested sludge basins, new wasted and return activated sludge pumps, new digested sludge feed pumps, new sludge filter belt press, polymer feed system, cake sludge conveyor, new dewatering, blower and electrical building, new diesel driven generator set, and state of the art SCADA system for monitoring and control of the Wastewater Treatment Plant System.


The project was completed in 2002.  The plant is permitted to discharge tertiary-type efficient standards.

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