CLIENT: North Carolina Geodetic Survey

Vaughn & Melton provided surveys, base plans, easement plats, assistance during easement acquisition and as-built surveys for 6,000 feet of the Lower Smith Mill Creek Sewer Rehabilitation project for the Metropolitan Sewerage District of Buncombe County.  This project ran from the North end of Druid

Drive along New Leicester Highway then along the six-lane portion of Patton Avenue through three box culverts to terminate North of I-240.  The area along the proposed route was urban with many parcels affected, and crossing many collector routes feeding into Patton Avenue.

Property owner contacts made before the surveys began ensured that the community was involved, and allowed field personnel to personally request the owners input and knowledge in the reconnaissance of property corners.  Utilizing GIS records and the availability of Buncombe County’s online deed database, a property strip map was quickly derived.  As the field data was brought in daily, new stakeout points for missing property corners were calculated and given to the surveyors to help substantiate the computed property locations.  Utilizing the topographic data, including known right-of-ways and found property corners, a final property map was generated to begin the individual easement platting process.

Once construction was completed, Vaughn & Melton provided as-built surveys on the new manholes and clean-outs along the entire project.

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