CLIENT: North Carolina Department of Transportation

V&M was first selected in 2003 and continues to provide “on-call” construction engineering and inspection services throughout Central and Western North Carolina for the NCDOT. Under these contracts, V&M has provided services for numerous work orders on bridges, roads, sidewalks, and other transportation related projects. Listed below are 2 of the projects completed under this contract.

NCDOT – I-5131 – Interstate 40 From SR 2838 (Exit 55) To Mile Marker 67 Pavement Rehabilitation: Services included Construction Engineering and Inspection (CEI) for this interstate pavement rehabilitation project. Th is $9,000,000.00 project includes shoulder reconstruction, milling, asphalt paving, milled rumble strips, remove and reset guardrail, seeding and mulching, and pavement marking. The work was performed utilizing night shifts and temporary lane closures to insure minimal disruption to daytime traffic flow. V&M’s lead inspectors were in daily contact with NCDOT’s resident engineer, and were fully responsible for the CEI services, which included materials sampling and testing. V&M provided 5 inspector’s on this project.

I-40 From Milepost 46 to Milepost 50: Services included Construction Engineering and Inspection (CEI) services on this American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (A.R.R.A.) project, which involved milling, resurfacing, concrete pavement slab repair, concrete bridge deck repair and shoulder reconstruction. This project was shovel-ready and under construction in less than three months. Th e work was performed utilizing night work and temporary lane closures only to insure minimal disruption to traffic fl ow. This was especially challenging for the deck repair, but was accomplished using site-mixed, high-strength, quickset concrete. Th e areas of deck repair were identified utilizing the "sounding" technique. Then the contractor was required to “chip out” the high-strength concrete, pour the areas and allow 2 hour setup time. All this had to be accomplished from 7 pm. until 7 am. the following morning, which also included traffic control setup in the evening and removal the following morning. Vaughn & Melton’s lead inspectors were in daily contact with NCDOT’s resident engineer, and were fully responsible for the CEI services, which included materials sampling and testing. Vaughn & Melton provided four inspectors on this project.


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