CLIENT: North Carolina Department of Transportation

Currently, V&M is designing safety upgrades and improvements along this 2-mile section of road for Division 14.  The existing 2-lane roadway is a narrow, curvy, and dangerous due to heavy traffic, limited sight distance, little or no shoulder, and no guardrail.

The V&M team provided full-service planning and design for this project including advertising and conduction public information workshops, alternatives analyses, preparation of the State Environmental Assessment and preparation of all of the final design plans.

The State Environmental Assessment tasks that the V&M team provided consisted of studying 3 different build alternates for design plus the No-Build alternative.  Option 1 included standardizing the width of travel lanes and roadway geometrics and matching the typical section of NC294 east of the project location.  The proposed roadway would meet current design and safety standards and along with modifications to the profile on the existing horizontal alignment.  Option 2, utilized the same roadway geometrics at Option 1 but included major realignment of a number of horizontal curves including a portion of new location roadway work.  While this option may result in greater environmental impacts, it was more favorable to the public and better met the purpose and need of the project.  The V&M team provided all cultural and environmental resources surveys and studies and all other items required for the State Environmental Assessment.

The design tasks provided by the V&M team included base plan surveys, roadway, hydraulic and structural design, geotechnical investigations, pavement design, traffic management plans, erosion control plans and right of way stakeout.


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