CLIENT: North Carolina Geodetic Survey

Vaughn & Melton was selected as surveyors to assist the North Carolina Geodetic Survey in maintaining Quality Control of the LIDAR data being generated for the North Carolina Floodplain Mapping Program in 14 North Carolina Counties.  The Floodplain Mapping Program was started to update the FIRM/FEMA Flood maps, incorporating new mapped development utilizing digital technology for a web-based solution.  At the time of Vaughn & Melton’s selection, LIDAR was relatively new and untested.  NCGS was interested in making sure Quality Control was independently maintained throughout the program.

Vaughn & Melton was tasked with providing 120 QA/QC points per county per random block independently selected by NCGS.  Vaughn & Melton performed County-wide Static GPS Control Surveys to establish secondary control to be utilized for the QA/QC surveys.  RTK GPS was utilized to provide checks on the identified check points.  A full report including coordinates, maps, point descriptions and photographs were delivered for each county.

This project proved to be challenging due to the logistics, tight time schedules, low budgets and property access.  There were several blocks identified within National/State Parks where vehicular access was limited or non-existent, and where extra precautions had to be implemented to protect the primitive environment.

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