CLIENT: Town of Newland, North Carolina

Vaughn & Melton recently completed design and construction oversight for a new 0.6 MGD sewer plant for the Town of Newland, North Carolina.  The existing headworks pump station was also upgraded to accommodate the new flows expected in the near future.  The plant upgrades include headworks structure with grinder unit, dual oxidation ditches, dual secondary clarifiers, new yard piping, RAS sludge pumping system, and ultraviolet disinfection.


This project  provided unique challenges due to the fact that it was beside the South Toe River, in the flood plain, and a small site that restricted expansion possibilities.

Vaughn & Melton was also responsible for surveys, design, construction contract administration and construction observation for rehabilitating 10,000 feet of existing gravity sewer line throughout the Town of Newland in order to reduce infiltration and inflow of storm and ground water into the system.
During the process of upgrading the wastewater treatment plant, Vaughn & Melton was tasked with identifying the inflow and infiltration (I&I) problem areas in the existing sewer collection system.  Utilizing a sewer line camera system and smoke testing, Vaughn & Melton was able to identify I&I problem areas, and in many cases were able to solve these problems by re-routing storm drainage and gutter systems.  the areas of the sewer system that contained broken and misaligned joints were selected for upgrades.  Eliminating these I&I issues was key to bringing the new wastewater treatment plant online efficiently.  
The project was completed in 2008, and is permitted to discharge in the Toe River.

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