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Vaughn & Melton was selected by the Cherokee Department of Transportation to provide surveying and design services for the upgrade of Old River Road (BIA 415), a 1.5-mile roadway that runs parallel to the Oconaluftee River near downtown Cherokee, NC.  The scope of the project was to provide EBCI with Right of Way Plans and plats conforming to BIA standards for the entire roadway, widen and improve the existing roadway and provide riverbank stabilization along a 500’ section where the river was beginning to undermine the roadway.  This project was recently finalized and is ready for construction. Vaughn & Melton provided base plan surveys including grid and Qualla Boundary ties, SUE services, final roadway, hydraulic and utility relocation design and stream-bank stabilization plans within an 8-month timeframe.

During the preliminary design phase, V&M explored different methods of improving the roadway pavement structure by methods other than traditional full depth

patching as nearly 50% of the existing road had deteriorated beyond repair. Theoption that was settled upon was to utilize Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) of the pavement.  FDR is a multi-step process whereby the contractor pulverizes the existing road structure then mixes in cement and compacts the mixture to create a stable roadway subgrade material.  This subgrade is then overlayed with a traditional asphalt surface.  We have estimated that using FDR saved over $250,000 over traditional full depth patching methods.

This project included areas of steep banks above the road and between the road and the river.  In these areas, we modified the typical section using curb & gutter and stand-up curb with paved ditches in order to accommodate the required road width, while meeting the stormwater drainage needs without significantly impacting the river or the adjacent slopes.

Surveying services provided on time and within budget.

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