Berea College

Berea College contracted with Vaughn & Melton to build a Geographic Information System (GIS) and collect utility and asset information across their campus. As many recent construction projects have taken place on their campus, it became necessary to find a way to keep track of their utility information and other vital data.

The GIS will allow the college to maintain the location and data associated with many of their resources and utilities on campus. It will also allow them to visualize and interpret information and assist in future decision-making processes. The GIS will serve as a repository of data on facilities, utilities, and various infrastructure owned and operated by the College. This includes both underground utilities and indoor facility information stored in the GIS. The goals for this project will be to have a centralized system in place that allows for asset management, connecting of resources and data, and future strategic planning. It will also preserve legacy data from key facility management staff.

Partnerships with the City of Berea and local utility companies are playing a large role in the project. V&M is responsible for field locating all utilities to provide a complete system for the college as well as providing training to college staff for doing their own data collection. Field location involves depths, photos, material, condition, and other vital data.


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