Cassy Goldston, PE: Lifetime Learner, Construction Manager, Professional Engineer, Educator

We caught up with Cassy in Knoxville, TN, out on the Jackson Avenue Ramps worksite, to offer our heartfelt Congratulations on passing the PE exam and to talk about her personal journey up to this point. Notably, she is the among the first generation of her family to have the opportunity to graduate from college. Previous generations were immediately needed in the work force, once they reached employment age. That doesn’t mean she does not come from a long line of smarts, particularly those mechanically-minded, who are smart with their hands. This line includes her Great Uncle, who built the simulation that is used to teach locomotive engineers how to operate trains.

Cassy’s desire for knowledge didn’t stop with a college degree. In pursuit of ways to expand her professional knowledge, she went in search of a position that would allow her to be exposed to various engineering applications. She found such an opportunity when she interviewed with Vaughn and Melton (V&M). The varied number of services described by the Project Managers and Principals really got her attention. Once on board with V&M, Cassy consistently looked for ways to get involved in additional service areas of the firm. This led her to Construction Engineering and Inspection, where she is a key provider of project construction management.

Still wanting to push her career further, Cassy began the pursuit of her Professional Engineering (PE) license. That path is never an easy road, but for Cassy the COVID-19 Pandemic added some additional bumps. She had invested a lot of time studying for the exam when the pandemic forced the cancellation of her original testing time, with no immediate reschedule date. Still, she persevered, and after ten months of studying (and seven weeks of waiting on the results) she became a PE on December 15, 2020.

"It’s a hard exam, and I think everyone walks away from it second guessing how well you did. It’s open book, so I wheeled a big cart of books into the test." - Cassy Goldston, PE

Cassy is a proud member of her local chapter of National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC). She believes–and participates—in their mission of encouraging women to be leaders in the construction field. She is committed to contributing to the education of everyone from fieldworkers to architects and engineers about the amount of responsibility placed on them to advocate for more young female professionals to aspire to join the industry.

Family is very important to Cassy and seems to be the steady support pushing her forward that always has her back. None more than her mom. They talk on the phone every day since Cassy moved away to college and now that she's living on her own in Knoxville. Sometimes, even as they sit and watch TV, do chores around the house, or just drive down the road. Her mom isn't nearly as vocal as her dad but she's Cassy's ever-present support.

Cassy is one of four sisters. She shared that her dad talks humorously about their occupations—though lovingly and proud—like he’s collecting memorabilia. He says he is missing a “Teacher” on his list of occupations, since he already has a Mechanical Engineer, a Nurse, and a Social Worker. Cassy Goldston: Lifetime Learner, Construction Manager, Professional Engineer, Educator. Now with that impressive list of credentials, Cassy’s dad can count her as his “Teacher” AND Vaughn and Melton can count our blessings that she chose our firm within which to thrive.

This is us. Brandy, Jill, April, me, Madison & Avery (my nieces)

“We are very proud of Cassy’s achievement and entrance into the ranks of Professional Engineer. Since Cassy began her career with Vaughn & Melton she has exhibited the qualities that not only contribute greatly to the engineering community, but also add great value to the communities in which she lives and serves. Her attention to detail combined with a keen understanding of the overall scope of how a project works within its designed environment are just a few of the valuable factors that will make her a great asset to the engineering community. We are excited to see her development as a Professional Engineer and look forward to her delivery of vital projects that will add to our community.” - Danl Hall, V&M Mideast Regional VP


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