Fayetteville Outer Loop

U-2519AA/AB, Future I-295, Fayetteville Outer Loop

CLIENT: NCDOT, Division 6 (contracted through STV)

Vaughn & Melton teamed with STV, Inc., thru Balfour-Beatty in this design-build pursuit. Our team was selected by the NCDOT based on the strength of both partners, an excellent reputation as a full-service right of way firm and the contractor’s low bid. Vaughn & Melton led right of way services for this project, consisting of 146 parcels of land along the approximately 6 miles of road improvements for NCDOT which is part of the future I-295, Fayetteville Outer Loop. Right-of-way services included project management, title opinion, right-of-way acquisition, relocation assistance, and closings.


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