Minnie to Harold Connector

KY 979, Minnie to Harold Connector, Floyd County, KY

Vaughn & Melton worked with H.A. Spalding as a structural subconsultant on the following bridge and culvert projects on KY 979 in Floyd County, Kentucky:

KY 979 over Left Fork Beaver Creek/CSX Railroad

This bridge is 2,598 feet in length and consists of 21-spans using PCI-Beams and a concrete deck with New Jersey barriers. The spans vary in length from 72’ to 149’ maximum. The bridge starts out with a right turn lane on the first 6-spans. Type 3 PCI-Beams are utilized in these spans to ensure adequate freeboard over the flood stage. The section starts at 55 feet out-to-out deck width, then spans 7 and 8 taper to 42 feet out-to-out deck width, utilizing 6 Type 9 PCI-Beams. Spans 9–21 utilize 5 Type 9 PCI-Beams at variable spacing, maintaining a 42 feet out-to-out bridge deck.

The bridge alignment is no small task, beginning on a tangent section and turning into a spiral and curve section. All piers are on a radial to the curve except the last 3 spans which are skewed to the railroad. The skew is quite heavy, resulting in a pronounced trapezoidal span. Beam lengths in this span vary from 75 feet to 149 feet.

The substructure consists of an integral end bent at one end, a two-row piled end bent at the other end, and multi-column reinforced concrete piers on pile footing. The bridge runs parallel to the flood plain then crosses over the creek and the railroad. In 2014, V&M was asked by District personnel to design a new 362-foot extension at the end of the Beaver Creek bridge. Since construction is already in progress, a fast-track design was required. Design is under way for this extension on curved alignment. Another trapezoidal span, transitioning from heavily skewed piers at the railroad back to radial piers is part of the new design. The newly located end bent will be integral on piles.

KY 979 over Little Mud Creek/Little Mud Creek Road

This bridge is 375 feet in length and consists of 3-spans of Type 7 PCI-Beams with a concrete deck. The bridge deck is 43’0” out-to-out with New Jersey Barriers. It lies on a 50˚ skew with span lengths of 130’-134’-102’. The foundation consists of a two-row piled end bent, 3 column piers on spread footings on rock and a stub abutment on rock.

Box Culverts

In addition, V&M designed three RCBC culverts on this project. With lengths of 274 ft. (14x7), 64 ft. (14x7), and 379 ft. (9x6), these are not insignificant structures. Founded on earth, and with fill heights up to 46 feet, the design was quite substantial.


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