Mount Mitchell

CLIENT: North Carolina Division of Parks and Recreation

The North Carolina Division of Parks and Recreation enlisted the services of Vaughn & Melton to provide engineering, architectural and surveying services to replace the existing tower, a national monument, at the summit of Mount Mitchell, the tallest mountain peak east of the Rockies. The North Carolina Division of Parks and Recreation staff was very concerned about the condition and safety of the existing tower and the aesthetic appeal of a new tower.

Vaughn & Melton provided a base plan utilizing surveying and photogrammetry staff and aerial mapping. After meeting with the State staff, Vaughn & Melton performed a study and analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of repairing the existing tower versus three alternative replacement structures. Based upon the study and analysis, the decision was made to pursue the alternative to replace the existing tower with a 10 foot tall circular structure accessed by an ADA accessible ramp.

Vaughn & Melton provided surveying, structural, architectural, and electrical design, trail analysis and design, stormwater, erosion control, construction administration and resident construction representation. Unique challenges presented on this project included public involvement and awareness, safety of the public during construction, preservation of the pristine wilderness in the surrounding state park and the extreme climatic and geologic conditions. Due to its unique nature, this exciting project indicates the strength and diversity of the Vaughn & Melton staff.


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