NCDOT Casino Access Road & Bridge

CLIENT: North Carolina Department of Transportation

Designed to NCDOT Complete Streets standards, Vaughn & Melton provided design and full construction plans for a new access road to serve Harrah’s Casino, a high profile economic development project on a tight timeline.

The major highlights of the project include new construction of a pedestrian-friendly bridge over the Valley River introduced by a multi-modal roundabout. The bridge and roundabout were enhanced with street fixtures, sidewalks, and bike lanes tailored to user experience. The steep topography added an additional challenge for the roadway designers.

Project managers were able to bring staff resources from both the North Carolina and South Carolina V&M offices to complete the work well within the NCDOT’s accelerated schedule constraints. V&M’s long experience managing contracts led to the decision to split the project into two contracts, one for the bridge and one for the road.


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