NCDOT TIP U-3301, NC 63 Leicester Hwy - Asheville, NC

CLIENT: North Carolina Department of Transportation

This goal of this project was to widen a heavily traveled rural highway. A large portion of the highway was enhanced from a 2-lane road to a 4-lane road with a turn-lane, along with various intersection improvements. A shorter portion of the road was upgraded from a 2-lane road to a 2-lane road with a turn-lane, along with various intersection improvements. This project also included a bridge replacement and a culvert replacement.

The services that the Tennoca and V&M team provided during this five year long project included: permits, design (Hydraulic, Roadway, Structure, Erosion/Sedimentation Control, Geotechnical / Foundation Design, Traffic Control, Pavement Marking, Signing, and Traffic Signal), management (design and construction), construction surveying, supplemental location and surveys, right-of-way staking and right-of-way acquisition, utility coordination, project management and construction (Grading, Drainage, Erosion/Sedimentation Control, Structures and Walls, Traffic Control, Utilities, Traffic Signals).

The major issues the team identified that affected this project included Traffic Control (Management), Utility Coordination and Permitting. Traffic Control was of the utmost concern to the team due to the high ADT along NC 63, the presence of three churches, a school, and fire department. All these issues made critical the need to keep traffic flow unimpeded for which the Mattern & Craig traffic control design team worked diligently to create design solutions. Utility Coordination was critical to the success of the project due to the presence of third-party underground Telecommunication Utilities and overhead Power and Telephone lines within the NCDOT right-of-way. These utilities were given attention very early by the V&M design team to eliminate potential delays.


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