Pikeville Wastewater Treatment Plant

CLIENT: City of Pikeville, KY

This work was necessary in order to address difficulties experienced at the Waste Water Treatment Plant dealing with wet weather flows and increased pollutant loading rates and to secure plant capacity for future area growth. The improvements increase the plant capacity from 2 MGD to 4 MGD average daily flow. The City of Pikeville selected Vaughn and Melton to provide budget preparation, feasibility studies, funding assistance, engineering design services, contract administration, and construction observation services for retrofitting the existing 2 MGD wastewater treatment plant.

Additional improvements included new:

  • Mechanical Fine Screens

  • Grit Removal System

  • Influent Pump Station

  • Anaerobic/Anoxic/Aerobic Biological Basins

  • Sludge Holding Basins

  • Sludge Filter Press System

  • Plant Drainage Pump Station

  • Support Facilities

  • SCADA Instrumentation

  • Disinfection and Post Aeration Systems

  • Septage Receiving Station


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