US 25E - Bell/Knox Counties, KY

CLIENT: Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

The 9.5-mile section of U.S. Highway 25E between Pineville and Baughman was the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s last remaining 2-lane segment from I-75 to the Tennessee line. V&M was chosen to provide surveys and plans to construct the arterial as a 4-lane highway. Although primarily a rural highway having a 40-foot depressed median, a portion of the road was designed to have a 14-foot flush median due to the steep east Kentucky mountainous terrain.

Due to the close proximity of the Cumberland River to the roadway, hydraulic studies were primary in the design efforts. It was necessary that the river’s floodway as established by the Federal Emergency Management Agency not be encroached upon by roadway embankments or bridge abutments. Extensive use was made of HEC software for river backwater analysis. The project crossed the Cumberland River at three locations, crossed two major tributaries requiring multi-span bridges, and crossed eight streams requiring reinforced concrete box culverts.

The survey portion of this project included horizontal and vertical control for aerial mapping; centerline location, staking, and profile; placement of additional benchmarks along the route; topographic surveys to supplement and verify aerial mapping; cemetery locations at three sites - included locating and mapping each grave in the cemeteries; boring layouts for geotechnical investigation; land boundary ties; situation surveys for bridges and culverts; and drainage surveys for pipes. The firm provided surveys on the entire length of the project from Pineville to Baughman.

Maintenance of traffic was a major consideration on this project because the traffic volume of was more than 24,000 vehicles per day on the existing roadway through the narrow river valley. No alternate route for vehicles was available.

Construction of the project was divided into four (4) sections; Vaughn & Melton prepared a separate set of plans for each section. Services provided by Vaughn & Melton included: hydraulic studies, surveys, roadway and right-of-way plans, and structural design.


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