Walters State Multimodal Pedestrian Facility

CLIENT: City of Greeneville, TN

Vaughn & Melton was selected by the City of Greeneville, Tennessee for engineering and construction engineering & inspection services on the Greeneville campus for the Walter’s State Community College Multimodal Pedestrian Facility.

Funded by a grant provided through the TDOT Multimodal Access Fund, this project made the improved Walters State Community College Greeneville/Greene County campus safe and accessible for pedestrians and bicyclists as well as connecting the redeveloped campus with existing pedestrian facilities in downtown Greeneville.

The project was located in downtown Greeneville, Tennessee near the intersection of N. Main Street (SR 35) and Tusculum Boulevard (SR 107). The project consisted of a 7.5 foot wide paved pedestrian-only walkway around the perimeter of the campus. The project was approximately 1,350 linear feet with approximate equal distances of sidewalk on Main St., Tusculum Boulevard, and College Street.

This project also provided several features that improved access and mobility at the campus:

  • Improvement of exterior sidewalks to provide safe, ADA accessibility to the campus;

  • Three crosswalks to increase the safety of pedestrians traveling to the campus; and

  • A destination point at the campus consisting of green space and an amphitheater.


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