CLIENT: South Carolina Department of Transportation

V&M was selected by the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) to provide conceptual through design services for the roadway alignment relocation, widening, and construction of a new bridge along Batesville Road (S-164) from SC-14

to just beyond Roper Mountain Road (S-548) in Greenville County, SC.   The purpose of this project is to improve the deficient existing roadway geometry, along with the improvement of safety and traffic operations, along this 2.25 mile corridor.

Batesville Road is an existing two-lane earthen-shoulder roadway facility which has seen a recent increase in traffic due to the development of adjacent residential communities and a nearby elementary school. In order to accommodate the increase in traffic volume and population, V&M designed the new corridor to include one 12-ft wide lane in each direction separated by a paved 12-ft wide center multi-purpose turn lane, with 4-ft wide bike lanes, 2-ft wide curbs and gutters, and 5-ft wide sidewalks, all in each direction.  V&M presented the initial design concept for this project in order to help assist in accident reduction and mitigation involving on-coming traffic, bike traffic, and pedestrian traffic.

This project involved safety and operational improvements to 11 intersections along this corridor, with 3 of these locations being upgraded to signalized intersections. Vertical and horizontal alignments were modified to improve sight distances, while additional turn lanes were added to minimize the congestion of traffic.  Two of the intersections were also studied to determine the feasibility of adding a round-about.   The designs for all of these intersections combined vehicular, bike and pedestrian traffic, along with a full newly designed sub-surface drainage system,  into a safe and user-friendly collector.

Some issues and impacts which required special attention for the success of this project included; in-depth environmental studies to protect local protected plant and life species; noise analyses to determine both current and future anticipated noise levels in the area; traffic capacity studies which would ensure an improvement in traffic flow along Batesville Road and other adjacent avenues; the implementation of best management practices (BMP’s) to minimize impacts to water quality; coordination with utility companies to solve various unique utility conflicts; reducing construction limits to minimize right-of-way impacts; hydraulic analyses for a FEMA regulated bridge over Rocky Creek; and the utilization of archaeologists to monitor any unanticipated cultural conflicts due to the proximity of several cemeteries.

For the SUE portion of the project, V&M completed Level B SUE services for 7 intersections along the existing road alignment.  At the intersection of Batesville Road and SC 14 the traffic volume is incredibly heavy therefore V&M’s SUE team had to take special safety and traffic control measures to complete the work.

This project is still in the design phase and is estimated to enter the construction phase by 2016.

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