Utility Coordination

The coordination of water, power, gas and sanitary sewer utilities is a typical need of most construction projects. Vaughn & Melton’s utility coordination services include subsurface utility engineering, conflict analysis, project requirement communications, design management and utility relocation inspection. All activities critical for project start-up and project completion.

The resolution of utility conflicts before the project start can significantly minimize project delays and reduce project costs. As a turnkey solution provider, we also prepare permit drawings, assess relocation costs and responsibilities, and develop agreements with utility operations.

Project History

2017 View Looking east from Alcoa Highwa

M-064, Forest City to Marion, NC gas line

CLIENT: Dominion (PSNC)

Vaughn & Melton began work on M-64 in November of 2017. At the onset of each phase Vaughn & Melton sent Project Notification and Survey Notification letters to each affected property owner at least 30 days before field work began. In certain situations, our land agents contacted the property owners and obtained right of entry for our field work to begin ahead of the 30 days. At the onset of the construction, a Construction Notification letter was sent out to all affected owners.

  • Site investigation for lenders, developers, utility companies, state and local government agencies, and engineers/land planners including site visit, obtaining as-builts or facility maps from the utility companies, and meeting with utility representatives.

  • Prepare feasibility study reports that include reimbursable cost estimates

  • Prepare utility conflict reports to identify facilities that may interfere with the project development. The report will identify each conflict and methods or alternatives to resolve the conflict and the cost

  • Prepare Environmental Reports and Permits

  • Prepare relocation plans for municipal or government use

  • Coordinate relocation strategies with multiple engineering disciplines to ensure utility conflict resolution

  • Prepare encroachment agreements

  • Prepare Utility Relocation Agreements

  • Attend construction and pre-construction meetings