SmartCampus is a Vaughn & Melton geospatial service solution that assists in the management, storage, and analysis of location-based assets for organizations. Utilizing modern GIS and geospatial products and services, it helps educational institutions and other venues place strategic value in assets by enabling their geospatial component to better understand what, when, and where. It’s a plug and play solution that can be deployed as a new solution or integrate with existing platforms.

From needs assessment and inventory to implementation and administration, the SmartCampus solution:

  1. Helps maintain the location and physical attributes of property and infrastructure for better asset management

  2. Assists in the visualization and analysis of information for future decision making and planning, and

  3. Contributes to the creation of a single repository/connection path of related data and systems.



Some of our existing clients include Lincoln Memorial University, Eastern Kentucky University, and Berea College.

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