CLIENT: Metropolitan Sewerage District of Buncombe County

Vaughn & Melton provided surveys, design, easement plat preparation, assistance during easement acquisition and as-built surveys for approximately two miles of sanitary sewer rehabilitation paralleling Sweeten Creek and Sweeten Creek Road in South Asheville for the Metropolitan Sewerage District of Buncombe County.


Vaughn & Melton also provided as-built surveys and drawings after construction of the sewer line was completed.  A majority of the existing sewer line being rehabilitated was in close proximity to businesses along Sweeten Creek Road while paralleling the Sweeten Creek, providing a unique challenge during the design process.  Vaughn & Melton and Metropolitan Sewerage District staff coordinated efforts to ensure building foundations would be safe during construction while also maintaining adequate depth for service to the buildings.  Due to the close proximity of Sweeten Creek, the challenge was to maintain adequate depth while not impacting or impairing the waters of Sweeten Creek.

During the design process for this project, the Metropolitan Sewerage District requested that Vaughn & Melton add another mile of surveys and base plans to this project due to the success already achieved by our surveys and design team.  This addition added another entire neighborhood sewer collection system that was in dire need of rehabilitation.


The project is one of many sanitary sewer rehabilitation projects Vaughn & Melton has provided surveying and engineering services to the Metropolitan Sewerage District of Buncombe County.  All of the projects are an effort by the District to reduce Inflow and Infiltration of storm and ground water entering the sewer system.

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