CLIENT: State of North Carolina

The State of North Carolina entered into an agreement to purchase a tract of land in Buncombe County from the Town of Montreat for a Conservation Easement.  The original Town of Montreat Boundary had created streets and subdivisions in the valley of the Headwaters of the Swannanoa River.  The entire tract of land was 2,800 acres.  Utilizing current property records, GIS, aerial mapping, GPS Control and existing monumentation, Vaughn & Melton was able to assist the Town of Montreat in determining the areas that were undeveloped to be included in the Conservation Easement.  The Town of Montreat, acting through the State of North Carolina, selected Vaughn & Melton to provide a survey of the property.

This boundary survey proved to be very challenging for several reasons.  First and foremost was the terrain.  The majority of the 2,300 acres is located along the ridge lines of Black Mountain (Buncombe/McDowell County lines), Graybeard Mountain (Blue Ridge Parkway) and Middle Mountain with an average elevation of 5,000 feet. This area is steep and rugged with the majority of the boundary only accessible by foot; survey crews would at times hike 2 to 3 hours just to begin work.  Other major obstacles included the lack of existing monumentation and the age of the original descriptions (almost 100 years old).

In order to maintain traverse precision on this large tract, a GPS control network was established.  From this control network, Vaughn & Melton proceeded with traditional surveys and completed the majority of the fieldwork in less than four months.

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