CLIENT: West Virginia Department of Transportation

Vaughn & Melton was selected by the West Virginia Department of Transportation to provide design services for the 10 Kilometer section of U.S. 52 from I-64 at Kenova to Sharps Branch.  The new 4-lane highway, built to near interstate standard, will replace one of the most dangerous roads in West Virginia.  The high volume of passenger vehicles coupled with truck traffic conveying coal to barge terminals on the Big Sandy River requires that the existing 2-lane road be upgraded.

An extremely tight schedule was required.  Mapping was provided by the Department in December 1994 and a planned completion by August 1995 was required.  Survey work was completed under unusually adverse winter weather conditions in time to allow drilling and testing to be completed by winter’s end.

The structures consisted of two sets of twin bridges, each of which was a three-span PCI Beam bridge with a concrete deck.  Piled Integral end bents were utilized along with 3-columns bents founded either on spread footing on rock and/or piles.

All box culverts were designed as a rigid frame due to the extremely high fills which ranged from 6 meters to 50 meters.  The size of the culverts were 2.4 meters by 2.4 meters and 3.7 meters by 3.7 meters.

As stated earlier, these structures were on an extremely fast track.  In order to meet the deadlines, we met with the Owner and discussed all revisions in order to save time and confusion.  We finished ahead of schedule.

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