CLIENT: North Carolina Department of Transportation

This 0.5-mile project consisted of widening and re-aligning the existing two-lane roadway to a three-lane shoulder section facility.  This two-lane facility currently serves a high volume of traffic to and from Cashiers daily.  The terrain is mountainous and the existing alignment circuitous and steep.  The main goal of this project was to mitigate the increased traffic volumes and safety issues resulting from both the tourist traffic and a supermarket located at the south end of the project.  The other goal of this project was to add a truck climbing lane going into Cashiers which was on a steep uphill slope.  This truck climbing lane also served to accommodate an area of high construction and truck traffic.  Vaughn & Melton, utilizing Base Plans provided by NCDOT, provided Final Construction Plans that included roadway, hydraulic, traffic control, right-of-way, and pavement marking design.


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