Utilities affect every large scale engineering project. From redesigned streetscapes to large-scale highway widening and improvement projects, there can be any combination of water, power, gas, sanitary sewer, and telecommunications to deal with. In the past, these issues, along with ROW, could delay projects unexpectedly. But in today's environment, where many projects are completed at an accelerated rate, utilities coordination (UC) is integral to project success.


Vaughn & Melton UC teams concurrently deliver concept development, conflict identification, engineering design, and preliminary construction measures before the heavy equipment arrives. This proactive approach works well in accelerated time frames. And, as a turnkey solution provider, V&M also offers Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE), construction management, inspection, survey, and structures capabilities, to meet the most aggressive project schedules.


Utility Coordination

Resolving utility conflicts before the project even starts can lead to significant savings in project costs. We offer innovative solutions to utility owners, designers, contractors and clients, to avoid impacts to the utility and the project. We then coordinate utility relocation designs with project designs & construction schedules with utilities by others (UBO) plans & provisions to define the futures of the utility. We then prepare permit drawings, assess relocation cost responsibilities, and develop utility agreements.


We are utility relocation coordination experts with utility designers who can augment coordination efforts as needed too. This is why V&M coordinators have an advantage; as technicians, they also engage during design. It's why we have so many long-lasting and on-going relationships- we offer exceptional experience, creating innovative solutions to your project's utility needs.

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