CLIENT: City of Greenville, SC

V&M was selected by the City of Greenville to provide surveying, subsurface utility engineering (SUE) and design assistance for a wastewater improvement project near the City’s West End Historic District. New, larger lines were proposed along University Street and Furman College Way to increase capacity for a growing downtown and to prohibit stormwater from leaking into the cracked, decades-old pipes. Pipes behind the West End Market were relocated to improve flow rates and maintenance access. As the City of Greenville’s first in-house design-build wastewater project, it was essential that the construction of this project go smoothly.

Being located in an older urban area, one of the challenges of this project was the large number of underground utilities and structures to circumvent. V&M worked quickly and efficiently, using state-of-the-art surveying and SUE equipment to provide accurate three dimensional mapping of existing underground utilities early in the design phase, and was able to help the City adjust the new pipe alignment in order to avoid impacting these utilities. Vacuum-excavated test holes were also conducted by V&M to determine depth of bedrock along the proposed alignment, which allowed the City to plan ahead for any necessary blasting.

This thorough early planning and mapping helped to prevent unexpected surprises during construction and eliminated costly change orders, construction delays, work zone accidents, and interruptions to utility service. This resulted in a construction phase $20,000 under budget and 20% ahead of schedule, a true success for the City of Greenville.

As expressed by Matthew “Oni” Maxey, PE, the superintendent of Wastewater Operations, “If we had encountered these utilities or the amount of granite that needed to be removed after the project had begun, rather that pre-planning for them, then the $750,000 project could have easily turned into a $1.5M or $2M project.”

This project was awarded a SC ACEC Engineering Excellence award in addition to a NATIONAL ACEC Recognition award in 2014. 

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